Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy – Do you need help with yours?

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Get your websites performing better Hi Everybody, Damien from COMFUSION here.  Today I wanted to talk about your Content Marketing Strategy… All successful websites need one.  As we move into an every increasingly competitive market, ensuring you are ranking as high as possible is key to getting noticed. The best way to rank higher in search engines such as Google …

Tech Support

Damien Johnston Computer Tips

TECHNICAL SUPPORT Every had the feeling that your tech guy isn’t up to scratch??? Call COMFUSION today! If you are looking for solid and professional advice about all the latest software and hardware marvels in the marketplace, then we are here to help. Perth: 08 6169 2627 Melbourne: 03 8548 1278 Email:

Cyber Security – Keep yourself safe

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Cyber Security More and more as we rely on our technology, we must become more aware of the way that hackers and intruders are using technology to fool us. Attached below is article on the Four Corners Expose of how hackers really get that valuable information off you. A Must Watch. If you have concerns,about your Cyber Security, feel free …