IT in the Modern Workplace

  • Cloud Based Email

    Never worry about losing email or the trauma of upgrading your email server again. Access from anywhere, on any device.

  • Data Management

    Your files will be simultaneously on your local computer for speedy access, while also being held on secure Cloud servers, with revision control, backup and disaster recovery taken care of.

  • One Click Deployment

    New employee starting? Configure their access and applications with one click. Applications will be installed automatically on their devices as needed.

  • Telecommute

    Users can work from home, on the road, or anywhere, without the security concerns of old systems.

Designed for Small Business

In the past, IT for small to medium sized companies has been an expensive mix of on site servers, networking equipment and PC’s and laptops of varying capability. Just like a large corporation, a small business depends on its mission critical data: files, emails, projects.

However unlike a large corporation, with endless budget and a team of IT professionals, small business had to accept compromises. A server is set up with no backup. Perhaps there is a backup, but it’s never tested. Users store files on their laptops. There is no consistency, no rules, and it’s very hard to locate someone elses work without them being there to find it for you.

Cloud Technologies

The biggest buzzword of the last five years in IT has been Cloud. So what is it, and how can it help small business?

Imagine having access to a department of IT professionals, and the latest and most expensive server technologies, all configured using best practices, fully maintained and supported. Now imagine having access to this, without actually owning anything, or having any servers on site. That’s Cloud. Your applications, such as your email server, your accounting program, your job booking tool, are all virtualised and installed on your Cloud providers servers. Unlike renting a server in a datacentre, you pay for a service – the Cloud provider can move the application between machines, allocated resources as required and ensure your applications never stop working – in a completely seamless fashion.

All your users need now, is an interface.

Reduce IT Costs
Reduce Downtime
Improve Productivity