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Whether your first web site or latest in a long line of developments, web design is at the core of any successful website project.  Without a solid design to work from, you can rest assured your project will stay on track, have a professional look & feel, and generally perform well for its intended purpose.

The most important element of web design is understanding the business requirement driving the project.  Is the site aimed at ensuring your sales people have a professional look when potential prospects look you up?  Is it a site for eCommerce and selling products or services online?  Should the focus be on your business, or is this about a particular product you’d like to promote?

These are the types of questions a competent web designer should be asking before even thinking about crafting a line of code.  If we have a thorough understanding of your business requirement, our efforts go towards ensuring the project delivers results on that requirement.

The look and feel of a website is a subjective experience – it’s very possible to have a design that one person likes, and another does not.  What’s really important though is that the design is focused on delivering the outcomes you’re looking for.  If you want to sell a widget, it should be in bright lights on the home page.  If you want to collect email addresses, the question should be right there on the screen, inviting customers signups.

It’s also essential that the design appeals to the target market your want to appeal to.  If you want to market to teenagers, pictures of retirees probably aren’t going to work.  Our designers are equipped with the skills to put together a unique, modern, mobile friendly, responsive design, that appeals to the people that are important, and effectivley delivers the message.

When you take the time to build a great foundation, the actual technical work of delivering the project is easy… Well, it’s easy for our technical gurus anyway!  By providing our Web Developers with a clear, accurate project brief, not only does the project come together accurately, but rapidly as well.  So many web projects go off the rails at this point, where changes and revisions are not only costly but time consuming.

By ensuring our Web Design brief is accurate, and by working closely with our clients in the early stages of the project, and including scheduled consultation and sign off points, we can ensure our clients expectations are going to be met, with delivery on time, and on budget.

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The Design Process

Getting the process right is crucial to the on time, on budget delivery of a Website Project that meets our customers expectations.



Discover your specific requirements, objectives and style guides to capture all of the relevant info.


Design Brief

We will write a detailed document outlining your requirements to provide to the design team 

First Design

You are provided with two different options where you can select the areas you like for review


The design team will tweak your designs based on your feedbackto ensure the best outcome.

Bulls Eye

Final touches are made to the design to capture any last minute changes to get your final design complete

See How Much Effort Goes Into One Small Landing Page

Business Areas We Specialise In

  • Service Website

    Drive new business through the door with a professional trade website
  • Medical & Health

    Clean, Fresh and Modern Websites that help promote your services locally
  • Local Council

    Smart Custom Built Solutions to improve how you manage your time
  • Manufacturing

    Target your specific market and promote your unique offering
  • Food & Cafe

    Handling Online Ordering & Table Booking Solutions to increase profits
  • Tourism

    Online Booking Systems and Channel Management Specialists

Service Website

Targeted and Professional Service and Trade Websites built for one specific purpose... to get the phone ringing! With experience in a range of trades, we understand what drives the customer to pick up the phone and call.

Get in front of more customers in your area.

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Medical & Health

Providing professional healthcare websites and marketing solutions for individual specialists, private general practitioners, dentists, surgeons and consultants. You can trust our experience in the health industry to grow your business.

Make sure your local customers can find you

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Local Council

With the strictest of requirements and a high level of expectations, Local Council work has allowed us to grow in skill and ability to manage large projects from start to finish.  Complete and easy solutions to technical and costly problems.

Have you seen our latest large scale project Melton Learning?

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Advising customers of your unique offering or process can be hard for manufacturing companies, hence the need for an engaging website that gets your message and products out there. Get the job done right the first time.

Intelligent strategies that provide excellent results

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Food & Cafe

3rd Party services charging you a fortune to allow customers to order online? Take control of your online ordering and keep the profits for your business to grow. Making it easy for your customers to order is imperative in this competitive market.

Professional and Scalable Online Ordering Solutions that work

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Integrate your website with all of the popular channels available to the Accommodation and Tourism markets to ensure that you never double book again. Make sure it is easy for your customers to find and book today.

Online booking systems that allow you to stay in control.

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More Services We Provide

We really do try to offer a one stop shop for all of our customers.  Saving time, money and headaches by keeping all of your web needs under one roof.

Web Development

Web Development is the art of taking a design, content, images and other resources, and bringing it to life on the web.

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eCommerce has become the go to for businesses that want to reduce their overheads and penetrate new markets.

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Graphics Design

Graphics design provides a unique look and feel specific to your requirements to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

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Beautiful Design, Full Functionality

I chose Comfusion as my web developer as I wanted to work with a local company who could come and see me and understand my business. I am not the most technical person, and I had no idea about the complexity of building a website. Comfusion were able to take my idea and create exactly what I needed. Delivered on time and on budget. Would use again


I found the team at Comfusion to be very professional, knowledgeable and patient, providing a level of confidence that the job will be done right the first time. They turned around an unfinished project that everybody else said couldn't be done. Thank you so much.

David  Essentials2U

Great team of people at COMFUSION, they took the hassle out the process and let me focus on my business. Website is working well and getting great feedback from my customer base

Ray  Mondo Exclusive

Very easy to work with, they understand our requirements and achieve our goals. Very happy with our design, and our custom quote tool has saved a lot of time for our staff. Thank you COMFUSION

Ling  Bosoar Stone

The Nice Things People Say About Us

What have we been up to?

Take a look at our range of beautiful projects that we have completed recently. All mobile friendly, professionally designed and functioning perfectly. Get your project started today, Click Here To Get In Touch

Bosoar Stone
Professional Design
Custom Complex RFQ Form
Manafacturing Sector
Mobile Friendly
Never having a website before, Bosoar Stone was looking for a fresh and modern website to display their beautiful products
Another key requirement was to build a custom quote tool that could acquire all teh necessary information to provide a quote.
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Professional Design
Multiple Language Translations
Manafacturing Sector
Mobile Friendly
10 Page Website with 4 Language Translations, full custom graphics design and build. CA were looking to drive business into the European market with a targeted website, advising of their specific point of difference, delivery guaranteed in 6 weeks
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VIEW DETAILS VIEW DETAILS Lifestyle Technologies
Professional Design
Targeted SEO
Content Writing
Mobile Friendly
Looking to push into the NSW market and take advantage of new government grants, Lifestyle Technologies wanted a website that was visually engaging whilst getting their special offer message across to its new customer base.
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Full Online Store Solution
Inventory & Shipping Management
Newsletter & Mail Integration
Full Payment Gateway Solution
eCommerce Store with approximately 100 products. Full online solution managing everything from inventory to shipping. Secure payment gateway options with full integration into online accounting software to save time and money
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Professional Design
Easy Back End Management
Health Sector
Mobile Friendly
Doctor and Cosmetic Surgery looking to promote their new range of unique non invasive cosmetic products and services that they offer. A clean, modern and inviting design was used to capture their audience and drive new service sales.
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Professional Design
Complex Custom Booking Solution
Gift Card Management
User Account Management
Float and Restore required a multi level booking system that could handle multiple stores. With very specific functionality, a customised off the shelf solution was used to manage their day to day operations of the business and website needs.
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Professional Design
Online information Request Forms
Community Services
Mobile Friendly
New website rebrand as the business adapted to changes nue to NDIS. Creating a new look and feel whilst adding new programs and content, EdgeCS wanted something fun, vibrant and engaging whilst making it easy to get in touch.
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Soar Aviation
Professional Design
Easy Backend Management
Flight Training Sector
Large Content Site
Struggling with making changes to their existing website, Soar was seeking a solution that was easy to manage content changes and student accounts. Using cutting edge tools we were able to provide a solution that was easy for everyone
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Full eCommerce Solution
Complex Auto Delivery Management
Inventory Tracking
User Control System
After spending a large amount of money on a website that was not completed, Essentials required a skilled team to complete the project. We were able to take over the project and fulfill the customers requirements and let them start selling.
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Professional Design
3D Walkthrough Integration
Manafacturing Sector
Mobile Friendly
A custom home builder who wanted to display his gorgeous work for all to see. A custom designed, full featured website was required with an emphasis on the projects they had completed. Still showing cutting edge design 18 months after launch.
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