As we approach the new year and into the warmer end of summer, one of the last things on your mind might be your computer.

When was the last time you gave it a clean out? Dust people… that’s the problem. Computers are like magnets to dust and overtime you will get quite a significant build up inside your precious machine.

Although this is unlikely to damage any of the electrical components, it is very likely that your computer will be running much hotter than it needs to.

As you can imagine, eventually the dust covers over the vent holes preventing the fans from being able to cool your PC as efficiently.

SO whilst your thinking of New Years Resolutions, think about taking off the cover and giving the inside a gentle blow with a compressed air can or anything that can blow the dust away without ripping out your hard drive.

If you don’t feel comfortable opening up your computer, feel free to contact COMFUSION to help.

Perth: 08 6169 2627
Melbourne: 03 8548 1278