At Comfusion we work with each customer to create a website that is not only beautiful but functional. Comfusion has worked with a range of different clients in varying industries from automotive to accommodation. Each client’s website is uniquely created with their individual needs in mind.

Need to upgrade your e-shop so that it works across more viewing platforms? No problem. We will work with you to understand what your business requires to grow and thrive in this highly competitive online market place.

Making sure your website is functional across more viewing platforms is vital for all business in todays market. Many of your clients will be searching for you on their phone or tablet instead of sitting at a computer with a large screen.  We can ensure your website works better across more platforms so you don’t miss out on anymore ‘Millennial’ or ‘Gen X’ sales.

Maybe you run a sporting club and you have noticed that less members have been joining. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your outdated website. We can assist with ideas to improve your web presence and drive new customers, for example we can embed video of your training sessions or competitions to inspire new membership, create a photo gallery of your awards nights, current membership base and the volunteers who help around the club.  Keeping your site up to date and delivering fresh content is the key to driving new membership, and provides a great platform to recognise the achievements of the club.

Comfusion can help to manage your website updates on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. If your business requires more frequent updates, we can work with you to ensure that happens.

We will help design your website based around your needs at a time that suit you, at your office or home.  You decide, we listen.  We are based in Melbourne and Perth.

Call Melbourne 03 8548 1278 or Perth 08 6169 2627.


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